Feed Your Body, Not Your Thoughts

The phrase “food for thought” really resonates with me, I love the brain.

Nourishing the mind with new information, ideas, and creation change the neural pathways in the brain.

So it is super important to consciously choose ones that lead your life down the road you deliberatley choose to travel, rather than be lead by someone else’s ideas that were imprinted and believed before you were experienced enough to challenge them.

Repeated thoughts become beliefs. Beliefs become behaviour.  It is our behaviour that shapes our lives.

Having worked with people who have been challenged with extra weight it has become apparent that one of the ways we actually ‘see’ the outcome of the quality of our thoughts and beliefs is in the health of our body.

For some, eating is a way to comfort themselves and sooth a mind that is struggling with damaging thoughts and false beliefs.  And food is a powerful pacifier of pretty much every emotion going.

If  you find yourself in that situation when you are feeling ________ (fill in uncomfortable, icky feeling here) and your hands are reaching for the chips, fries and cake with a side of cookies, ask yourself:

“What am I feeding? Is it my thoughts that are hungry? Or is it my body that is hungry?”

If you’re physically hungry and it is your body, great but if it’s not….

Here-in lies the opportunity.  What are you thinking?  What are those thoughts that are fuelling your behaviour?  What are you believing about yourself in this moment?  What are you feeling?

Once you have answers, take your conscious action.  If that decision is still to eat?  Enjoy every single mouthful.

Each time you stop and ask yourself “am I feeding my thoughts or my body?”, really paying attention to the answers and then take conscious action, you will slowly start to change your mind and in the process, transform your body.  Food for thought.

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