Being Sick in the Street…

One night, when I was out for after work drinks with colleagues, I was sick, like physically sick, all over the pavement. In front of actual PEOPLE! On a public pathway….ewwwww….

Even though the incident meant horrendous embarrassment and a shame-filled nauseating walk home, it was one of the best things that could have happened.

Along with all the drinking, drunken banter and laughing, I was smoking. Yup, I was one of those smokers – a smoker who smoked smokes while socializing, with a drink in hand and fun being had.  Little did I know my body would be expunging the ultimate over-share, mid story.

The reason my body decided to let loose at that moment is because it had had enough.

Enough of nicotine, enough of tar, enough of formaldehyde, enough of rocket fuel, enough of a cocktail of over 4000 toxic ingredients being mainlined into my body in the most efficient way possible- through my lungs, brain and blood.

My body made me stop smoking. Even though I had cut down from a full-time smoker to a social smoker over the course of 19 years, 19 freak’in years! it was my body that said enough- if I smoked, I got sick. End of story.

I am lucky, my body made the decision and my mind had no choice to follow unless I wanted to continue to barf in public, not really much of a choice then!

I know others aren’t as lucky as me. Their bodies continue to absorb the toxins and abuse that smoking causes, as their minds tell them they ‘need’ cigarettes.

The thing is, nobody needs cigarettes.

In fact, what smoking does is distract you from identifying what you really need; a break from your desk, a way to relieve stress, a way to celebrate a win, a way to take a moment, a way to reward yourself, a way to feel comfortable when uncomfortable, a way to bond with others, a way to rebel and be spontaneous.

All of those things can be achieved without resorting to sucking back a smoke.  Your body is ready for you stop, it is your mind you have to change.

One of the best ways to get your mind onside to stopping smoking is using proven techniques taken from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy (there is proof to back this up and everything!).

Don’t wait until you are being sick in the street like me, or worse; you’re seriously out of pocket and you’re starting to experience the devastating detrimental health effects that smoking brings. You can stop, do it now.

Do you have a stop smoking story?  I’d love to hear it!  Tell me your stop smoking story in the comments below.

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“After nearly 30 years of heavy smoking Jacki helped me to stop in 1 session, if you are a smoker and want to stop, don’t give up hope, if I can do it, you can too. You saved my life!” Kate – Guildford, UK

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