This Changed Everything in my Practice

Friends call it being a ‘weirdy beardy’, the mainstream call it being ‘woo’, I never considered myself to be woo but the more I study, the more I learn, the more I experience; the more ‘woo’ I become.

Like everybody else, I have beliefs about who I think I am and how I operate in this world but as my 42nd birthday is quickly approaching (am I really middle aged?) I am finding myself, one again- seeking.

And this search is leading me into the realms of woo; psychology backed woo.

Ten years ago, I bought the book Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss but I wasn’t ready for it. I read the first two chapters put it down and haven’t picked it up again until 2 days ago.

The book is primarily about archetypes. How archetypes form our lives; the purpose of lives and how we can utilise the understanding of archetypes, and their shadow side, to transform.

shutterstock_14957741 2My first encounter with Carl Jung and his theory of archetypes and their shadow side was when I was studying to become a psychotherapist.

The understanding of your archetypes is a extra-ordinarily valuable tool to understanding our identity and personality. Most personality tests that we have in modern psychology are an extension of Jung’s work with archetypes.

The next time I encountered archetypes was when I was in the process of creating my online home. I was struggling to produce something that felt authentic to me and my practice.

In my seeking- I found the brilliant Cerries Mooney – The Brand Alchemist.  Cerries has created what is by far, the most illuminating exploration of how to ‘brand with soul’ using your own ‘archetypal blend’.  When I discovered The Brand Alchemist, everything about my practice made sense and fell into place.

Actually, it was more than that.  I felt validated.  I felt that all I was trying to accomplish and put out into the world connected and this was just from doing her free online quiz!

I resonated with this work so much that I went on to have a laser session and joined the Initiation Kit to take my study even further.

The work I have done with The Brand Alchemist has been invaluable and made the largest impact on the way I work and the ‘why’ it works.

Now that I know my archetypes for my branding and practice, I feel ready to learn about what my archetypal Sacred Contract is.

I’m taking my time.  It is fascinating study.  It can change everything.

If you want in on some of Cerrie’s archetypal magic that will transform your business- Tahdah! here you go:

 Initiation Kit

I like transparency.  I also like innovation and psychology.  That is why I am recommending the Initiation Kit and letting you know that for the first time ever, I have become an affiliate, it is that good.

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