The Collection

Being Sick in the Street…

One night, when I was out for after work drinks with colleagues, I was sick, like physically sick, all over the pavement. In front of actual PEOPLE! On a public pathway….ewwwww…. Even though the incident meant horrendous embarrassment and a shame-filled nauseating walk home, it was one of the best things that could have happened. […]

Knock the nerves – not the knees

Public speaking and giving presentations tops many people’s “I flaming hate and fear that shizz” list. But unless you are living in hoodoos (and even hoodonians need to present sometimes), chances are you will be asked to express your unique ideas, thought provoking opinions and persuasive points. And too right, you’ve got something to say […]

One simple tip to start losing weight immediately

Have you had a look at your bookshelf lately? If it’s anything like mine, it may have become a litany of things you have yet to achieve. That ‘perfect’ body, that amazing relationship, how to ‘Podcast’, ‘make Youtube Videos that Rock’…ya, me too. A few months ago I was feeling pre-holiday frumpy so I thought […]


Dear 16 year old Jacki (1989), It’s me, 24 years from where you are now, April 2 2013, the day before your 40th birthday. I wanted to write to you today because we always did like numbers with 4 & 2’s in them and I’ve been thinking about you lately. I know you never thought […]